Helping notaries faced with cross-border questions

The European Notarial Network (ENN) is a tool for notaries facing practical questions with a cross-border element. It covers the 22 EU Member States that have civil law notaries. A contact point is available to help notaries in each of these 22 countries.

Are you dealing with a cross-border matter? A succession, a company’s incorporation or a marriage contract with a cross-border element in the EU? Do you need information on the application and transposition of EU legislation in your country? Your ENN interlocutor is here to support you.

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ENN Infrastructure

The ENN’s new IT infrastructure is now operational.

As a "one-stop platform", the ENN IT Infrastructure will enable notaries in Europe to:

  1. Open an account with secure access (username and password) to the databases and working documents provided by the ENN
  2. Develop tools for notarial cross-border practice and for citizens, for example by creating bilingual forms for use in notarial practice
  3. Have access to reliable updated and/or new legal information and to various tools for notarial practice, as well as some tools intended for the public
  4. Join specialised networks offering:
    1. An interface with its own thematic forums (discussion groups)
    2. Online communication among members.
News & Opinions

ENN Seminar – Practical experience with the EU Succession Regulation – 22 November 2018, Vienna - 22.11.2018

In the framework of the EU co-funded project ENN, the Austrian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries is organizing a seminar on the EU regulation on succession. Notaries coming from different EU countries as well as participants from the EU Commission will attend. The event will feature key note speakers and put the focus on the discussion around practical experiences in the application of the regulation on succession, such as identification and assessment of the value of succession property abroad and the experience with the European Certificate of Succession, national decisions, recognition and registration in the land register. See agenda.
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Seminar – Migration and Succession in Europe – 25 October 2018, Brussels - 25.10.2018

The Italian Notariat Foundation is holding the closing seminar of its GoInEU programme (“Governing inheritance statutes after the entry into force of EU succession regulation”) on 25 October. The theme of the event will be “Migration and succession in Europe: the question of foreign law”. On this occasion, academics, practitioners and notaries from across Europe will speak.

Venue: Espace Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28, 1040 Belgium

The seminar will be held in French without interpretation.

To register, please contact Ms Claudia Offidani of the Italian Notariat Foundation: +39 06/36209408 or

More information on the GoInEU programme:
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Conference – “Cross-border mediation: the practical approach of notaries”– 9 October 2018, Brussels - 09.10.2018

With the support of the European Commission, the CNUE has been working throughout 2018 to implement the programme “Mediation for Notaries – Notaries for Mediation”. In order to better understand the practice of mediation by notaries in the handling of cross-border cases, five workshops were organised in five different countries. These efforts will eventually enable the creation of a common framework for the practice of notarial mediation in Europe. A closing conference will present the results obtained and, above all, the practical tools developed together: creation of a practical guide, creation of a network of notary-mediators, etc.
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