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The CNUE launched its new Training programme and the ENN will have a key role in it!

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The Kick-off meeting of the EU co-funded project EL@N II successfully unfolded on 12 January in Vilnius, following the Handover of Powers ceremony on 11 January, and marking a first significant milestone of the CNUE Lithuanian Presidency.

The newly started EL@N II project, a new CNUE coordinated initiative on training co-funded by the EU, will last two years and will count on the cooperative work of national notariats from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain, as well as the UINL and the ENRWA. France will support the project as an associated partner.

The objective of the project is to provide the CNUE elearning platform with quality training modules on Successions Law, AML, Cross-border enforcement of Authentic Acts, English for Notaries, and Strengthening gender equality in the notarial practice. different Working Groups, outlining plans for constructing modules on.

The CNUE training platform is embedded in and available through the ENN. Do you want to explore the existing training material ? Join the ENN!
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UPDATE: NEW DEADLINE 8 MARCH – External expert for ENN platform evaluation

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We invite qualified and experienced external providers to submit their offers for the evaluation of the ENN online platform. The selected provider will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive analysis of the network, evaluating the usability of the ENN platform, and delivering a final report with recommendations for further developments.

You will find the complete Call for tenders here.
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The Notaries of Europe present the results achieved in the framework of their recent projects on the occasion of the EJN-civil meeting

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On 30 November 2023, during the last meeting of the European Judicial Network (EJN) in Civil and Commercial Matters, Giovanni Liotta, the Coordinator of the European Notarial Network (ENN), captivated the audience with a comprehensive overview of the ENN and its pivotal role in fostering cross-border legal cooperation.

On the same occasion, the meeting witnessed the presentation of results from two pivotal projects originating from the European Notariat. Patrick Wautelet, Professor at the University of Liege, and Marianne Sevindik, Notary in France and Chair of the CNUE Succession Law Working Group, delved into the MAPE Successions project while Stephan Matyk-D’Anjony, Coordinator of the JuWiLi project and ENN interlocutor for Austria, shared information about Justice Without Litigation (JuWiLi). These presentations provided valuable insights into groundbreaking projects contributing to the advancement of legal practices within the European legal landscape.

Addressing Societal Changes: Liotta highlighted the origins of the ENN, emphasizing its response to the evolving needs of a modern European society. With the increased movement of people across member states, societal changes have had a profound impact on legal professionals. The ENN was conceived as a response to these changes, aiming to support notaries grappling with the complexities of transnational cases.

Mutual Legal Assistance in Practice: The core objective of the ENN, as explained by Liotta, is to enhance the application of EU law through mutual legal assistance. The network, which includes interlocutors from 22 EU countries with a civil law notariat, serves as a collaborative space for notaries. It provides a platform for sharing trustworthy information on practical cases: an essential need given the growing mobility among member states.

Strengthening Connectivity: A notable aspect of Liotta's presentation was the emphasis on the network's connectivity. Using network analysis methodology, the ENN demonstrated a high level of connectivity among member states, fostering a balanced distribution. The visual representation showed the dense exchanges between certain countries, shedding light on the dynamic interactions facilitated by the ENN.

Online Platform and Resources: Liotta showcased the ENN's online platform, actively used by more than 2,600 notaries. He highlighted the platform's various features, including an enquiry tool for secure case-specific questions, databases on formal legal requirements, bilingual tools for information requests, and an array of handbooks and factsheets on EU and national legislations.

Collaboration with EJN: Finally, Liotta highlighted the ENN's efforts to strengthen its relationship with the EJN. The collaborative efforts aim to contribute further to the effective application of EU law by legal practitioners. This collaboration demonstrates a strategic alignment between two key networks, thus emphasizing their shared commitment to enhancing legal practices across Europe.

More information on the MAPE project

More information on the JuWiLi project
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