Helping notaries faced with cross-border questions

The European Notarial Network (ENN) is a tool for notaries facing practical questions with a cross-border element. It covers the 22 EU Member States that have civil law notaries. A contact point is available to help notaries in each of these 22 countries.

Are you dealing with a cross-border matter? A succession, a company’s incorporation or a marriage contract with a cross-border element in the EU? Do you need information on the application and transposition of EU legislation in your country? Your ENN interlocutor is here to support you.

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ENN Infrastructure

The ENN’s new IT infrastructure is now operational.

As a "one-stop platform", the ENN IT Infrastructure will enable notaries in Europe to:

  1. Open an account with secure access (username and password) to the databases and working documents provided by the ENN
  2. Develop tools for notarial cross-border practice and for citizens, for example by creating bilingual forms for use in notarial practice
  3. Have access to reliable updated and/or new legal information and to various tools for notarial practice, as well as some tools intended for the public
  4. Join specialised networks offering:
    1. An interface with its own thematic forums (discussion groups)
    2. Online communication among members.
News & Opinions

ENN meeting in Malta, 18-19 May 2017 - 18.05.2017

The ENN interlocutors met in Malta to discuss the progress of the network. New tools will be made available soon: a bilingual checklists on real estate acquisition, the handbook on matrimonial property and registered partnerships, an application to assist vulnerable adults confronted with a situation of incapacity, and more. Read more