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ENN Online Seminar - Protection of Vulnerable Adults in Europe – 17 November 2021

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The Bulgarian Chamber of Notaries is pleased to invite the notaries of Europe to the seminar "Protection of Vulnerable Adults in Europe" which will be held via the Zoom platform on 17 November 2021. The event will analyse the legal framework for the protection of vulnerable adults not only at European level but also at national level in a comparative perspective.

This seminar will be an excellent opportunity for notaries to learn from key speakers from different EU countries who will share their experience and provide different perspectives on the issue. Notaries from the 22 Latin law countries of the EU are therefore invited to take part in the discussion and reflection on the legal tools to ensure the highest level of protection for vulnerable adults.

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Free online resources for your foreign language training

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Mastering a foreign language and its legal terminology is important and should form part of the continuous training of legal practitioners. It is a precondition to effective contacts across Member States, which are in turn the cornerstone for judicial cooperation. It is essential that all stakeholders pay attention to training on legal terminology of foreign languages. There are many resources available online that are of great use to notaries.

The European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) provides a handbook, which is a compilation of the most relevant training materials used in EJTN courses on judicial cooperation in civil matters. Definitions, exercises and real-life case reviews make this handbook an invaluable practical resource:

The Academy of European Law provides an online training course “Legal English for Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters”:

Finally, on the European Commission's e-justice portal, you can find a linguistic manual “English for Mediation in Cross-Border Civil and Commercial Matters”. It is developed by Prof Eva Samaniego Fernández, including language exercises on legal terminology:
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ENN Seminar – Digital identity in the notarial practice – 1st October 2021, Lisbon

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On 1 October 2021, the Portuguese Chamber of Notaries is organising a seminar focusing on the future challenges and experiences of Member States with regard to digital identity in notarial practice. The event will be held in Lisbon, as well as by videoconference. It is part of the activities planned for 2021 under the co-funded European project ENN, which aims to facilitate exchanges between notaries on cross-border issues.

This event, which was supposed to take place under the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council and was postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic, will be an excellent opportunity for notaries from the 22 Member States to learn from different experiences and to contribute to the ongoing reflections on a European digital identity.

Agenda and registration to follow the event online:
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